Things that have shaped my life. . .

  • Having been born and lived in the “Paris of Latin America” aka Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Being born again on March 26th, 1995.
  • Marrying a beautiful Arizonan and being father to two great sons.
  • Living in the Desert of the Valley of the Sun.
  • Playing Rugby and Cricket for 7 years.
  • Having lived in a city of 13 million, a town of 2,133, and the poorest city in the USA.
  • Having been a preacher and youth minister.
  • Having worked with a Hispanic church in which 80% were illegal immigrants and were proud of it.
  • Having conducted 6 funerals in 8 weeks which turned into 8 in 12 weeks.
  • Working in the mental health field.  Addictions. Marital therapy.
  • Performing a bilingual wedding.  Translating on 5 medical mission trips.
  • Having had someone attempt to commit suicide on the mental health unit I worked.
  • Having counseled individuals that died from overdose the day after discharge.
  • Working as an Outreach Educator for the Be Proud! Be Responsible! Memphis! HIV and Teen Pregnancy prevention program.
  • Going through all of nursing school. . . twice.
  • Observing 2 different open heart surgeries in which the hearts were cardioplegic for over an hour and then restarted.
  • Having worked on 3 mission teams and 1 church planting team; regretfully none of teams came to fruition but many working as missionaries and church planters from those teams!
  • Having lived in Argentina (13 years), USA (15 years and counting), Mexico (5 months), Venezuela (1 ½ months), and Greece (4 months).
  • Countries visited:  USA, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Egypt, and Turkey.
  • Argentina losing the finals of the last 3 futbol tournaments they have played.
  • Having run 6 half marathons. . . and currently training for a seventh.
  • Having studied English, Spanish, French, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew.
  • Turabian and APA styles.


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